“Why Is This Important?”


One of the most common questions we come across in our lives is “Why Is This Important”. It is very stressful to answer it perfectly. So here we are now you will be able to answer it in a better way. 

Believe me the true power is held by words but need what? We just need to learn to command over them. So by using different words we can answer this phrase “Why Is This Important?”. 

Cut the long story short, after reading the article completely you will be having more than 20 of the best alternatives to answer “Why Is This Important”, so stay connected and start learning these well researched and top notch alternatives. Let’s start it NOW!

“Why Is This Important?”
“Why Is This Important” 50 Best Alternatives

“Why This is Important” Meaning

Before going into the depth and to understand alternatives of “Why Is This Important” it is crucial to know the meaning of this phrase. 

The phrase “Why is this important?” is a question often used to inquire about the significance, relevance, or importance of a particular topic, idea, event, or piece of information.

In order to comprehend why something matters in a particular context, it serves as a catalyst for a deeper conversation or explanation. When someone asks, “Why is this important?” they’re looking for explanation or support for the importance or applicability of the topic at hand. 

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When trying to prioritize activities or challenges, this question can be utilized in a variety of contexts, including talks, presentations, decision-making processes, and more. It promotes critical thinking and aids in setting priorities and concentrating attention on the things that are most important.

The importance of Best Alternatives

In today’s fast-paced world, seeking alternatives can be a game-changer. Here’s why exploring alternative solutions matters:

  • Innovation and Creativity: Accepting alternatives fosters creative thinking. It challenges us to leave our comfort zones and discover new worlds. “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to create them,” Albert Einstein reportedly observed.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Alternatives frequently have advantages that reduce costs. Whether it’s for your business, your way of life, or problem-solving, choosing a more affordable option can have a big impact on your budget.
  • Sustainability: Sustainability is crucial for alternative solutions because the environment is a worldwide concern. Learn about eco-friendly substitutes that help make the world greener.

“Why Is This Important” Synonyms

  • what does it matter
  • why does it matter
  • why does that matter
  • why does this matter
  • why is it important
  • why is it so important
  • why is this a big deal
  • why is it necessary
  • what difference does that make
  • why that matters

10 Best Alternatives to Say “Why Is This Important?”

Asking “Why is this important?” can be a helpful technique for acquiring knowledge and clarity in effective communication. However, occasionally, a phrasing adjustment might liven up the discussion. Here are 20 best alternatives to help you investigate the importance, worth, and relevance of numerous issues. By using these phrases, you may express your curiosity and participate in insightful conversations.

1. What’s the significance of this?

“What’s the significance of this?” you inquire. You’re trying to grasp the significance and deeper meaning of a certain issue or circumstance. 

It starts a conversation that reveals the most important meanings, worth, or effects the topic has in a particular situation. 

This question helps to clarify the significance of the issue at hand by promoting critical thinking and inviting others to express the relevant features of the subject at hand.

2. How does this matter?

A direct technique to enquire about the importance and relevance of a certain topic is to ask, “How does this matter?”

 It invites people to discuss why the topic is important and what practical effects it might have in order to contextualize its significance.

3. Why should we care about this?

The need for attention and concern over a certain topic is directly contested by the question “Why should we care about this?” 

It demands an explanation or defense of why people or a group should devote their time, effort, or resources to comprehending or dealing with the issue. 

This inquiry pushes for a thorough understanding of why the subject matters in a wider context by emphasizing the importance of relevance and personal or group interest.

4. Can you explain the relevance here?

A simple question that seeks clarity regarding the significance and pertinence of a certain issue within a particular context is, “Can you explain the relevance here?”

5. What’s the key takeaway from this?

‘What’s the key takeaway from this? It means you’re attempting to glean the most significant and useful knowledge or insights from a particular conversation or circumstance. 

For Example:

The speaker in a business presentation regarding the debut of a new product can query, “What’s the key takeaway from this?” to underline the importance of the audience comprehending the most essential details regarding the qualities, advantages, and marketing plan of the product.

6. Can we skip this?

We commonly use this alternative when we are not interested to lengthen the discussion. It is like simply closing the room for discussion. This is also a good alternative to “Why is this important?”

7. I need answers

When you will be using this alternative then it means that you are figuring out the importance and personal advantage in doing the things. 

Think for a while: 

The worker wonders, trying to grasp the significance and value of devoting time to the workshop, “Why should we care about attending this training seminar? It will improve your skills and make you more competitive for promotions, giving you a definite advantage in your career, the manager says. 

8. What benefits does this bring out?

Before doing anything you always think for a while what benefits does this bring to me?

9. Do we have to do this?

This is a very simple and straight reply to a way to decline or refuse from any additional workload given to you. 


  • Employee: Do we have to attend the workshop on Saturday?
  • Manager: Yes, we have to. It’s essential for staying updated and improving our skills.

10. Why is this important to us?

Why does this matter to us? is a crucial inquiry that demands careful thought on the effects and implications of a choice or change. By emphasizing the potential results and effects, it aids people and organizations in making wise decisions.


  • Employee: Why are we restructuring the company’s departments?
  • Manager: Good question. Restructuring impacts us by streamlining processes, improving efficiency, and enhancing overall performance.

40 Additional ways to say “Why Is This Important?”

  • What’s the key takeaway from this?
  • What’s the underlying value in this?
  • How does this impact us?
  • Why should we pay attention to this?
  • What’s the crux of the matter?
  • What’s the bottom line here?
  • Can you highlight the importance?
  • What makes this matter to us?
  •  Why does this warrant our focus?
  • What’s the central message here?
  • What’s at the heart of this issue?
  • How does this tie into our goals?
  • Is there a reason for this?
  • Is it worth it?
  • What’s the point of this?
  • Is this necessary? 
  • Can’t it be forfeited?
  • Must we include This?
  • How does this help?
  • I don’t get why we must do this
  • Inform me clearly 
  • Remind me why is this important
  • Why should this fit in?
  • Since when is it applicable?
  • I need to know why I must do this?
  • Will this add to the result?
  • Could you please clarify it to me?
  • Can you explain, In what way will thai help me out?
  • What are the next steps we should take based on this information?
  • How does this change the way we think about things?
  • What are the experts saying about this?
  • What are the implications of this for our future?
  • What is the research on this?
  • What is the evidence to support this?
  • What are the facts behind this?
  • What is the motivation behind this?
  • What is the rationale for this?
  • What is the justification for this?
  • What makes this worth our time and attention?
  • How does this relate to our goals? 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. What can I say instead of this is important?

When discussing the significance of a particular issue or topic, you can replace “this is important” with phrases such as “this is crucial,” “this is significant,” or “this is vital.” 

2. How do you say this is important in an essay?

Certainly, in an essay, you can convey importance by using synonyms like “crucial,” “significant,” or “vital” when discussing key points or ideas.

3. What is another way to say the reason why?

Another way to say “the reason why” is “the cause for” or simply “because.”

4. What is another way to say most important?

Another way to say “most important” is:
Paramount, Crucial, Critical, Vital, Essential, Pivotal, Central, Key, Fundamental & Primary. 


By offering a thorough list of responses to the question “Why is this important?” This article underlines the significance of clearly explaining the significance and relevance of various issues. These options show the influence of language on how we see the world around us by encouraging critical thinking, stimulating thought-provoking dialogue, and bringing clarity to varied situations. We can encourage innovation, improve cost-efficiency, and contribute to sustainability by embracing alternatives and creative thinking—all of which are crucial in today’s fast-paced world.

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