What does it mean when she calls you daddy? What should you do when a girl calls you Dad? In this article we will answer each question. So let’s start learning those responses! 

According to the Quora answers: The logic behind calling my man “Dad” is his traits and personality. Like he is the leader of my house. He shows me direction and takes care of my needs. 

Is “Daddy” a Sexual Term?

I have surveyed from 1000 people on social media platforms like Facebook, where i asked a question Is “Dad” a sexual term? Most of the answers were mixed like 40% responses were yes it is, 50% no it is not and remaining 10% responses were mixed with multiple psychology behind this term. 

What we had concluded? The word “Father” is subjective in nature and can encompass several meanings of it. We have to see the context where this term is being used. If it is a relationship between a couple then it means to have some sexual connotation. So you should ignore this in that case. 

Why does my girlfriend call me daddy?

The use of “Dad” has become majorly used nowadays in relationships. If your girl calls you “Pops” here are possible reasons behind it. 

  •  A sign of Respect
  • Endearment and Affection
  • Role-playing or Fantasy
  • A sign of trust
  • Dominance and Submission Dynamics
  • Cultural or Media Influence
  • Personal History or Experience
  • Communication Style
  • Emotional Comfort
  • Experimentation and Communication
  • Expression of Desire

15 Reasons She Calls You Daddy

Do you want to know what it means to be called “Pops” by your partner? The following are some potential explanations for her interest in doing it:

1. She likes you and feel safe around you

If she calls you “Dad” it does not mean you are her father. But, she takes you as “protector” or “provider”. If she is calling you “Pops” it means she is feeling secure and comfortable with you.

2. Supportive Presence

Being there for her emotionally and physically when she needs you

3. Acts of Kindness

Small gestures that show you care and are considerate of her feelings.

4. Good Listener

Taking the time to listen and understand her thoughts and emotions.

5. Respectful Communication: 

She calls you “Pops” because you May be Treating her with kindness and communicating respectfully.

6. Affectionate Gestures

Expressing love through hugs, kisses, and other physical affections.

7. Thoughtfulness

the important reason behind she calling you “Pops” that remembering and celebrating important dates and events in her life.

8. Shared Interests

Building a connection through common hobbies and activities.

9. Sense of Humor 

Making her laugh and bringing joy into the relationship.

10. She like how strong and Trustworthy you are

Being reliable and trustworthy in both words and actions.

11. Romantic Gestures

Surprise her with flowers, notes, or other romantic surprises.

12. Emotional Support

Providing comfort and understanding during challenging times.

13. Encouragement

Motivating and supporting her in pursuing her goals and dreams.

14. Responsible Decision-Making

Showing responsibility in daily life and decision-making.

15. Quality Time

Spending meaningful time together, creating lasting memories.

Is calling me daddy a red flag?

  • Nope, it shouldn’t be anything to worry about

Don’t worry about it. The usage of the word “Dad” is becoming more common these days. Especially when it comes to relationships. A lot of women usually used “Dad” to show love and caring to her partners. 

  • If you give it some thought, your girlfriend calling you “daddy” could be a red flag!

The main responsibility of man is to protect her. If she is calling you “Dad” then it means that you are the best protector of her rights. So you should be proud of it. 

What Does Daddy Mean in a Bad Way?

Mostly it is used in “Positive” ways but sometimes if it is used in “negative” sense then there are possible meanings behind using it. 

  • A sign of control 
  • A sign of misogyny
  • A way to emotionally manipulates
  • Power Imbalance and Control
  • Lack of Respect or Equality
  • Manipulation and Emotional Abuse
  • Unhealthy Dependency
  • Insecurity and Lack of Autonomy
  • Failure to Establish Boundaries

How should I respond when she calls me Pops?

  • You can respond with “Babe” or “Baby” both are good options to go. 
  •  Like it when you call me that.
  • It makes me feel appreciated.
  • You can call me that, I don’t mind.
  • I enjoy the affectionate tone.

What if she calls me Pops and it makes me uncomfortable?

  • I prefer not to be called that, can we use something else?
  • I’m not comfortable with that term. Can we find another nickname?
  • I’d rather we stick to dear/husband/man. 


1. What is a dad type boyfriend?

A “Pops” type boyfriend typically refers to someone older and more nurturing in a relationship dynamic, providing guidance and support. It can also imply a caring and protective partner.

2. Why do couples call each other mommy and Pops?

“Mommy” and “Pops” are words that couples use to express compassion and playfulness in their relationship, highlighting the closeness and nurturing nature of their bond. It’s frequently a charming and intimate way to show intimacy.

3. What does it mean when a woman calls a man baby?

When a woman refers to a man as “baby,” it’s frequently used as a loving term to convey closeness, intimacy, and affection in a romantic relationship. It’s a typical method of expressing warmth and love.

4. When a girl calls you dad What does it mean?

A girl’s term of endearment, “dad,” conveys a humorous or affectionate dynamic and emphasizes a sense of closeness and intimacy in the connection. It doesn’t always suggest a parent-child relationship in the strict sense.

5. What Should I Do If I Don’t Like Being Called Pops?

If you find it uncomfortable to be called “Pops” be honest with your spouse about it and suggest terms that you find more comfortable. Developing polite and transparent communication is essential to preserving a positive relationship dynamic.

6. Should I Call My Boyfriend Daddy?

The decision to refer to your lover as “Pops” or not depends on how comfortable and understanding you both are. Talk about it with him to make sure that both of you are comfortable using the phrase.

7. Why do Girls Call Guys Pops Controversy?

The debate around ladies calling guys “Pops” is rooted in varying perspectives; some regard it as a kind phrase, while others find it unsettling because it could imply a parent-child dynamic in a romantic setting. In order to navigate such preferences, mutual consent and communication are essential.

8. Is it Wrong to Call Your Boyfriend Dad?

Using the name “Dad” in a relationship is a matter of personal preference and comfort; some people may find it acceptable, while others may not. Mutual consent and communication are essential.

9. How Should You React When She Calls You Pa?

In order to ensure that your response respects the boundaries and preferences of both partners in the relationship, base it on your comfort level and shared understanding.

10. Is Calling You Pa A Red Flag?

Since preferences differ, calling someone “Pa” in a relationship isn’t always a bad sign. To prevent misunderstandings, it is crucial to have a conversation and make sure that all parties are at ease and in agreement while using such terminology.

11. Is It Wrong To Call Your Boyfriend Pa?

Depending on mutual agreement and comfort level in the relationship, calling your lover “Pa” is a subjective decision that should be made.

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