How to “Respond to What's Good”  


What’s good is the most commonly used phrase in our lives. You also may have heard this many times but are you sure about its meaning? Not sure what to “Respond to what’s good?” Don’t worry at all, in this article we will give you several well researched and thoughtful handy suggestions. 

No matter whether it is a friend, family member, or any dating app, text you. You will find amazing responses here so just continue reading it. So stay tuned and let’s start learning it!

“Respond to What’s Good?”
How to “Respond to What’s Good?”: 90+ Fun & Flirty Replies

What Does it Mean When Someone Says What’s Good?

When someone says “What’s good?” they’re usually asking how you’re doing or what’s happening in your life. It’s a casual way to greet or start a conversation. People use it to check in on each other and share what’s going on. So, if someone says this to you, just reply with how you’re feeling or what’s happening with you. It’s a friendly way to connect!

Does “What’s good?” mean the same thing as “What’s up”?

Yes, the meanings of “What’s up?” and “What’s good?” are very similar. Both are informal approaches to finding out how someone is doing or how they’re feeling. Saying “Hey, how are you?” or “What’s going on?” is analogous to that. These are polite salutations that you might use to strike up a discussion with friends or acquaintances.

How should I respond when a friend asks me, ‘What’s Good?’?

According to Quora, What’s good is short for ‘’What’s going on? Also it can be a short form of ‘What is going on in your life?’ or ‘Are you doing good?’

So if any of your friends asks you ‘What’s good?’ you could just respond to him/her about your day. “What’s nice?” “Not much, I just finished class and am excited to visit the beach.”

How to “response to what’s good?” text

  • Say “Thank you!”
  • Share a smile 😊
  • Express appreciation
  • Acknowledge the positivity
  • Return the compliment
  • Spread good vibes
  • Show gratitude
  • Respond with a kind word
  • Give a thumbs up!👍
  • Simply reply positively

How to “respond to what’s good?” 10 Flirty responses

  • Thanks! You’re not too bad yourself 😉
  • Feeling the good vibes too! 😊
  • Appreciate that! Right back at ya! 🌟
  • Have you noticed? I’m blushing! 😊
  • Aww, you’re sweet! Likewise! 😘
  • Haha, thanks! You’re making my day! 😄
  • Hey, I appreciate the compliment! 👍
  • You’re making me smile! Thank you! 😊
  • I’m flattered! You’re not so bad yourself! 😏
  • Thanks a bunch! You’re too kind! 🙌

10 Funny “respond to what’s good?” In Text

  • Not much, just trying to survive Monday!
  • The usual: avoiding adulting and searching for snacks.
  • Just here, contemplating life’s mysteries, like why do we press harder on the remote when we know the batteries are weak.
  • Surviving on coffee and pretending to be an adult.
  • Living the dream… or at least a really good nap.
  • Same old, same old… pretending to work and scrolling through memes.
  • Not bad, considering I haven’t won the lottery yet.
  • Just attempting to be an adult, but it’s not going well.
  • Chasing deadlines and trying not to spill coffee on my keyboard.
  • Good? More like ‘good at avoiding responsibilities’

10 Sarcastic “Respond to What’s Good?”

  • Just avoiding disasters, you know?
  • Surviving this thing called life.
  • Oh, you know, living the dream.
  • Not much, just being my fabulous self.
  • Just pretending to be an adult, as usual.
  • Surviving Monday, so far so good.
  • Living my best mediocre life.
  • Just pretending I have it all together.
  • Avoiding responsibilities like a pro.
  • Same old chaos, different day.

10 ways to respond to “what’s good?” when a friend or family member says it

  • Not much, just chillin’.
  • All good, how ’bout you?
  • Just taking it easy, you?
  • Nothing special, what’s up with you?
  • Same old, same old. What’s good with you?
  • Just hanging out, you?
  • Not a lot, just relaxing. How about yourself?
  • Just enjoying the day, what’s good with you?
  • Nothing much, how’s your day going?
  • Just the usual, what’s happening?

5 ways to respond to “what’s good?” when a stranger says it

  • Not much, just enjoying the day!
  • All good, how about you?
  • Just taking it easy, thanks!
  • Nothing special, just chillin’.
  • Life’s good, how about yours?

5 ways to respond to “what’s good?” when you’re not goog

  • Not great, but hanging in there.
  • Could be better, you know?
  • Not the best day, honestly.
  • Struggling a bit, thanks for asking.
  • Going through a rough patch, but I’ll be okay.

What is Context And How Do We Understand It?

The details around an event or circumstance provide context and aid in our understanding of it. It contains information on the surroundings, the parties involved, and pertinent history. In order to make meaning of particular actions or comments, understanding context entails taking the bigger picture into account.

5 Ways to respond to “What’s Good On The Street?

  • Not much, just the usual hustle and bustle.
  • Just the regular street vibes, you know?
  • Same old, same old. What about you?
  • Just city life, nothing extraordinary.
  • Just the street doing its thing. How about you, anything new?

How to respond to “What’s Good” Over In A Bar From A Guy? 5 ways

  • Not much, just enjoying the vibe here.
  • Just soaking up the good times, you?
  • Just chillin’, how about you?
  • All good, what about you, anything exciting?
  • Just catching the positive vibes, how’s your night going?

How to respond to “What’s Good” Over In A Bar If You’re A Guy? 5 ways

  • Not much, just soaking in the vibes. How ’bout you?
  • All good here, ready for a great night. What about you?
  • Chillin’ like a villain. What’s good with you tonight?
  • Just enjoying the scene. What brings you to the bar?
  • Everything’s good, especially when there’s good company. What’s up with you?

How to “Respond to What’s Good?” from a guy in 5 ways

  • Hey! All good, thanks. How about you?
  • Not much, just chilling. What about you?
  • Doing well, just taking it easy. You?
  • Not a whole lot, just enjoying the day. You?
  • Good vibes, man. How’s it going with you?

How to “Respond to What’s Good?” on Tinder or Snapchat 5 responses

  • Not much, just swiping and chatting. How about you?
  • Just chilling, what about you?
  • Just enjoying the app, what’s good with you?
  • Just checking out profiles, what’s up on your end?
  • Not a lot, just seeing who’s out there. What brings you here?

How to response to what’s good?  If you want to end the conversation. 5 tips

  • Just chilling, thanks.
  • Not much, how about you?
  • Same old, same old. What about you?
  • Nothing special, just taking it easy.
  • Just enjoying the day, you?

How to response to what’s good?  In a confrontation. 5 techniques

  • Stay calm and say, “No trouble here, just keeping it positive.
  • Defused with humor, “Not much, just trying to keep the peace, you?
  • Redirect the conversation, “Let’s talk about something good instead, like your favorite hobby.
  • Use empathy, “I hear you, let’s find a solution instead of getting into it.
  • Keep it simple and non-confrontational, “All good, how about you. 

How to Respond to What’s Good in A Rude Way. 5 solid ways

  • Not much, just surviving.
  • Just the usual grind, you know?
  • Same old, same old. What about you?
  • Living the dream, sarcastically speaking.
  • “What’s good? Probably not my day so far.


1. Does “What’s good?” mean the same thing as “What’s up”?

Yes, “What’s good?” and “What’s up?” are informal greetings that essentially mean the same thing, asking how someone is or what they’re doing.

2. What Does it Mean When Someone Says What’s Good?

“What’s good?” is a casual greeting asking about your well-being or what’s happening in your life.

3. How to Answer What’s Good in a Funny Way?

Say, What’s good? My cholesterol after all these donuts.

4. How to Respond to What’s Good on Tinder or Snapchat?

Here are replies for both Tinder and Snapchat.  
Tinder: Share something interesting about your day or ask about theirs. 
Snapchat: Respond with a playful comment or share a fun moment from your day.

5. What Does What’s Good Mean?

“What’s good” is a casual greeting asking about well-being or current status.

6. How to reply to what’s good in a flirty way.

You can simply respond in a flirty way like: Feeling even better now that I’m talking to you 😉

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