"Put The Cart Before The Horse"

Ready to master your priorities? Read this article to explore practical tips, real-life examples, and timeless wisdom that will empower you to navigate through life without putting the cart before the horse. Your journey towards success starts with strategic planning!

Put the cart before the horse definition

According to Collins, if you say that someone is putting the cart before the horse, you mean that they are doing things in the wrong order. For example: the government put the cart before the horse by investing heavily before making major reforms.

Put the cart before the horse idiom meaning

The expression “putting the cart before the horse” refers to executing tasks incorrectly or setting the incorrect priorities. It implies that something is being attempted without the required planning or without adhering to the sensible order of stages. 

The expression is frequently used to warn against jumping into anything without enough thought or without taking the essential first steps. It basically emphasizes how crucial it is to carry out tasks in the correct order in order to be successful or effective.

Put the cart before the horse idiom sentence / examples

  • You can’t start building the roof before laying the foundation; that’s like putting the cart before the horse.
  • Announcing the launch date without having a finished product is like putting the cart before the horse in this business.
  • Trying to implement new software without training the staff first is like putting the cart before the horse.
  • Don’t talk about promotions when you haven’t even completed your probation period; it’s putting the cart before the horse.
  • She wanted to plan the wedding venue before even getting engaged, clearly putting the cart before the horse.

Put the cart before the horse origin

According to Wikipedia, the earliest recorded use of the proverb was in the early 16th century. It was a figure of speech in the Renaissance.

30 Phrases Similar to “Cart Before the Horse”

  • Jumping the gun: Acting prematurely or making a decision before the appropriate time.
  • Getting ahead of oneself: Taking actions or making plans without considering the necessary steps or prerequisites.
  • Counting chickens before they hatch: Anticipating success before it is certain or guaranteed.
  • Running before you can walk: Attempting advanced tasks before mastering the basics.
  • Putting the carriage before the horse: Doing things in the wrong order or with incorrect priorities.
  • Building castles in the air: Daydreaming or making plans that are unrealistic or impractical.
  • Flying off the handle: Reacting impulsively or losing one’s temper without due consideration.
  • Burning bridges before they’re crossed: Damaging relationships or options prematurely.
  • Throwing caution to the wind: Acting recklessly or without consideration for the potential consequences.
  • Starting at the finish line: Initiating a process without going through the necessary steps.
  • Allowing the tail to wag the dog: Letting a minor or unimportant part control the whole.
  • Rushing in without a plan: Taking action without proper preparation or strategy.
  • Opening Pandora’s box prematurely: Unleashing problems or difficulties by acting hastily.
  • Playing with fire: Engaging in risky behavior or tempting fate.
  • Lighting a fuse without knowing where it leads: Igniting a potentially explosive situation without understanding the consequences.
  • Turning the tables too soon: Reversing a situation prematurely.
  • Making a mountain out of a molehill: Exaggerating or overreacting to a minor issue.
  • Leaping before you look: Taking action without considering the potential risks or outcomes.
  • Igniting a powder keg: Provoking a dangerous or explosive situation.
  • Placing the cherry on the cake before baking it: Adding final touches before the essential work is done.
  • Putting the icing on the cake first: Focusing on superficial details before addressing more critical aspects.
  • Barking up the wrong tree: Pursuing a mistaken or misguided course of action.
  • Sailing close to the wind: Taking risks that are on the edge of acceptability.
  • Tying the knot before the engagement: Committing to something before proper consideration or commitment.
  • Buying the cow before getting the milk for free: Committing to a relationship or situation before exploring it fully.
  • Singing before your voice cracks: Attempting tasks beyond one’s current ability or experience.
  • Frying bigger fish without catching them: Pursuing larger goals without accomplishing the smaller, necessary steps.
  • Starting the engine without a roadmap: Initiating a plan without a clear strategy or direction.
  • Picking the fruit before it ripens: Seeking rewards or outcomes before the appropriate time.
  • Walking on thin ice: Engaging in risky behavior or being in a precarious situation.

Cart before the horse meaning in urdu

The idiom “cart before the horse” can be translated into Urdu as “گھوڑے کے سامنے گاڑی” (ghoray ke samne gaadi). This phrase is used to convey the idea of doing things in the wrong order or having incorrect priorities, just like putting a cart in front of a horse would be an illogical and impractical arrangement.

Cart before the horse synonyms

  • Order of things
  • Ahead of ourselves
  • Ahead of yourself
  • Backwards logic
  • Before the horse
  • Distorted hierarchy
  • Flipped hierarchy
  • Getting ahead of myself
  • House from the roof
  • Matters to attend
  • Putting the cart before the horse
  • Tail wagging the dog


1. What does put cart before the horse mean?

Putting the cart before the horse” means doing things in the wrong order or prioritizing tasks incorrectly. It suggests a reversal of the logical or natural sequence.

2. How do you use a cart before a horse?

Using a cart before a horse is impractical as the horse is meant to pull the cart, symbolizing the importance of proper order in tasks or actions. It metaphorically emphasizes the need for a logical sequence.

3. Why should you avoid putting the cart before the horse?

Putting the cart before the horse can lead to inefficiency and confusion, as it disrupts the natural order of tasks and priorities. It’s essential for effective planning and execution to follow a logical sequence.

4. Why should one avoid putting the cart before the horse in planning or decision-making?

Avoiding the practice of putting the cart before the horse is crucial as it ensures a logical and efficient sequence of tasks, preventing confusion and inefficiencies in both planning and execution.

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