"Heavens to Murgatroyd"

Where did Heaven to Murgatroyd come from: Origin

 “Heaven to Murgatroyd” originated from the animated TV series “The Quick Draw McGraw Show” (1959–1962). The catchphrase was popularized by the character Snagglepuss, a pink mountain lion, and is a playful variation of “Heavens to Betsy.” It’s used as an exclamation expressing surprise or amazement.

Heavens to Murgatroyd meaning

  • “Heaven to Murgatroyd” means surprise or amazement. [Reference: Hanna-Barbera ]
  • In other words “Heaven to Murgatroyd” you can say like “Oh My God”
  • Wao, Good heavens. [ Your Dictionary ]
  • A humorous alteration of the idiom “heavens to betsy.” Popularized by the ’60s cartoon character Snagglepuss, who was a regular on the Yogi Bear Show. “Murgatroid” is sometimes spelled “murgatroyd” or “mergatroid.” Oh! Heavens to murgatroid! [ Reference: David Roazen ]

Heaven to Murgatroyd: 24 synonyms

  • Good grief
  • Oh my goodness
  • Golly
  • Holy cow
  • Egad
  • Jeepers creepers
  • Oh dear
  • My stars
  • Lord have mercy
  • Oh no
  • Yikes
  • Mercy me
  • Oh boy
  • Dear me
  • Crikey
  • Oh gracious
  • Oh heavens
  • Oh my
  • Oh my Goodness
  • Well I’ll be
  • Oh my gosh
  • For Heans’s sake
  • Heaven to Betsy
  • Consider me shocked.

Heaven to Murgatroyd: 10 Saying

  • “Heaven to Murgatroyd, that’s incredible!”
  • “Well, heaven to Murgatroyd, what a surprise!”
  • “Heaven to Murgatroyd, I can’t believe it!”
  • “Oh, heaven to Murgatroyd, what a day!”
  • “Heaven to Murgatroyd, that’s astonishing!”
  • “Well, heaven to Murgatroyd, who would have thought?”
  • “Heaven to Murgatroyd, that’s unexpected!”
  • “Oh, heaven to Murgatroyd, that’s remarkable!”
  • “Heaven to Murgatroyd, what in the world?”
  • “Well, heaven to Murgatroyd, isn’t that something!”

Heaven to Murgatroyd: 5 crossword

  • Clue: Cartoon character’s exclamation (7 letters)
  • Answer: MURGATROYD
  • Clue: Cartoon catchphrase start (5 letters)
  • Answer: HEAVY
  • Clue: Snagglepuss’s exclamation (7 letters)
  • Answer: HEAVENS
  • Clue: Cartoon exclamation (4 letters)
  • Answer: EGAD
  • Clue: Surprised exclamation in cartoons (10 letters)
  • Answer: MURGATROYD


1. What does murgatroyd mean?

“Murgatroyd” is a humorous, fictitious surname popularized by the catchphrase “Heaven to Murgatroyd!” used by the cartoon character Snagglepuss. It’s an exclamation expressing surprise or dismay.

2. Who first said Heavens to Murgatroyd

The catchphrase “Heaven to Murgatroyd” was first popularized by the cartoon character Snagglepuss in the 1960s, voiced by actor Daws Butler.

3. What is the cowardly lion Heaven to murgatroyd?

The Cowardly Lion in “The Wizard of Oz” doesn’t say “Heaven to Murgatroyd.” That catchphrase is associated with the cartoon character Snagglepuss, not the Cowardly Lion.

4. What is the origin of the phrase “Heavens to Murgatroyd”?

The origin of “Heaven to Murgatroyd” can be traced back to the mid-20th century, with its roots in popular culture. The phrase gained prominence through its usage in the animated television series, “Snagglepuss,” where the character Snagglepuss, a pink mountain lion, frequently exclaimed, “Heaven to Murgatroyd!”
Originates from the animated television series “Snagglepuss.”
First popularized in the mid-20th century.
The character’s catchphrase contributed to the phrase’s widespread use.

5. How is “Heavens to Murgatroyd” used in everyday language?

“Heaven to Murgatroyd” is used informally and playfully in everyday language. It adds a touch of nostalgia and humor to conversations, often employed when someone is surprised or incredulous about a situation or statement.

– Informal expression used for surprise.
– Adds a lighthearted and humorous tone to conversations.
– Frequently used to express disbelief in a playful manner.

6. Are there variations of the phrase “Heavens to Murgatroyd”?

While the core expression is “Heaven to Murgatroyd,” there are variations and alternative forms used to convey similar sentiments. These variations may include different exclamations or substitutions for “Heavens.”
– Variations include “Goodness gracious” or “Oh my goodness.”
– Some versions replace “Heavens” with other mild exclamations.
– The variations maintain the surprise or disbelief element.

7. Can “Heaven to Murgatroyd” be considered formal language?

“Heaven to Murgatroyd” is inherently informal and leans towards colloquial language. It’s not typically used in formal or professional settings but is rather reserved for casual conversations where a touch of humor or surprise is appropriate.

– The phrase is informal and not suitable for formal contexts.
– It adds a conversational and playful tone to interactions.
– Best used in casual settings to convey a light-hearted mood.


“Heaven to Murgatroyd” is essentially a lighthearted and cheerful parody of “The Quick Draw McGraw Show,” an animated cartoon from the 1960s made famous by Snagglepuss. A playful take on “Heavens to Betsy,” it conveys astonishment or astonishment while the made-up last name “Murgatroyd” adds levity. This phrase, which is similar to “Oh my goodness” or “Good grief,” is widely used in popular culture and is a timeless and humorous aspect of animated entertainment.

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