“Are You Single”


The question “Are you single?” Can be frustrating to answer. In a world brimming with curious questions about our love lives, the notorious “Are U single?” The query often takes center stage. It’s a question that can wear many masks, from honest curiosity to playful flirtation, and sometimes even a hint of unwarranted judgment. But fret not, for in the art of witty responses lies your power to navigate this delicate terrain.

Imagine that: you find yourself amidst lively conversations, enjoying a delightful dinner or chatting away on an ordinary Tuesday night, when, out of the blue, a friend or relative decides to play love detective. It’s a moment when you least expect it, and your relationship status becomes the hot topic. Sheva Assar, Psy.D., a licensed clinical psychologist, aptly notes that such inquiries can inadvertently suggest that being single is somehow amiss. So, why not arm yourself with a playful arsenal of retorts? Whether you opt for humor, flirtation, wit, sarcasm, or surprise, the choice is yours! These clever comebacks are your secret weapons to gracefully deflecting the prying eyes and negative vibes, ensuring that your response leaves a lasting impression.

But wait, there’s more to this seemingly straightforward question than meets the eye. Beneath its simplicity hides a subtle ‘Why.’ Whether it’s your relatives, friends, or that special someone who pops the question, you must be prepared to navigate this inquiry with charm and finesse. 

Here, we present a delightful journey through three distinct perspectives, guiding you on how to convey your single status (or lack thereof) in a manner that’s uniquely engaging, emotionally resonant, and refreshingly simple. Welcome to the world of unlocking the charm within, as we explore playful and clever ways to answer, “Are you single?” So let’s start!

"Are You Single"

When someone asks “Are You Single”, What does it Actually Mean?

It is simple, you know the way of judging people by asking “Are U Single”. But it shouldn’t be your concern at all. So you can simply or directly respond without any hesitation by saying “Yes” or “No”. How simple is that!

But sometimes when your best friend is asking you it means it is not taunting but she is showing her interest in you that’s why she is curious to know whether you are single or not. You just have to understand the context, situation and place where someone is asking you “Are U Single?”

But if you want to use responses like funny, witty or charming responses then here we are going to give you a list of awesome and well researched responses for each separately you can choose among these and use it. So here we go!

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How to answer When someone Asks “Are You Single?”

Sometimes we find it very hard to answer a few personal questions so “Are U Single?” is also one of these. You know it is a very personal question but yet we can respond to it in various ways. So just understand who is asking and the most important in which context he/she is asking that. So be confident and use any responses below for that question.

Flirty Answers to “Are You Single?”

  • Lean in a little closer, and I’ll share a little secret with you. whispers in a sultry tone “Care to join me later?”
  • Are you as captivating as you seem? Because I might just be intrigued.
  • Hold on a second, are you trying to put a sparkle on this finger? playfully extends finger
  • They say eyes are the windows to the soul. Well, I plan on peering into yours until forever.
  • You know, the only way to truly test if I’m the one for you is by taking a chance.
  • If you’re just looking for a kiss, be prepared, because these lips are ready for action.
  • I was patiently waiting until this very moment. winks with a charming smile
  • Darling, come closer, your words are my favorite melody.
  • Have you come to rescue me from the depths of solitude, my knight in shining armor
  • Are you the enchanting figure I’ve been waiting for, my fairy tale ending?
  • Sorry, but my bed seems to be occupied by my phone, books, laptop, and remote control. Any chance you’d like to join?
  • Let’s embark on this journey together and discover where it leads. seductive grin
  • Hold my hand, and I’ll reveal all the secrets of my heart.
  • Forget the formalities; let’s cut to the chase and ignite some sparks.
  • I am, indeed, one of a kind, but I’d be thrilled to be your double trouble.
  • The answers to your questions may lie in the taste of a forbidden kiss.
  • Flirting with me, huh? Well, confidence is attractive, and you’ve got it in spades.
  • Why? Are you hoping to catch this irresistible merchandise before it’s gone?
  • Allow me to be your guide on the journey to my heart’s deepest desires.
  • Say that again, but this time, trace every word along the curve of my ear.
  • I’m patiently waiting for the right connection. Could you be the one to light up my world?

Funny Comebacks to “Are You Single?”

  • No doppelganger here; I’m as unique as a snowflake in July.
  • My twin radar is on the fritz; no identical sibling to be found.
  • No, I haven’t seen my doppelganger. Have you?
  • No identical twin, but I do have a twin brother/sister that makes me double.
  • Team Rocket’s motto! Prepare for trouble, and make it double!
  • Abandons everything and dashes into the distance
  • Dude, I’m like… 6. I’m calling the cops.
  • Are you a cop? Nope? Then stop with the interrogation!
  • Who sent you here? My enemies?
  • There’s a reason why I’m single. It’s called “my face.”
  • Yes, and that’s because my friends never leave me alone.
  • If you want to apply as my boyfriend/girlfriend, send your cover letter and resume to my email address.
  • Let me get back to you after I cry in the corner.
  • No, I’m an album.
  • Actually, I’m a potato.
  • As single as a pringle.
  • Whoever casts a curse on my love life can chill now. I learned my lesson. I promise.
  • After I buried the body, you could say I’m single and ready to mingle now.
  • Haha! What are you talking about? The trash goes out more than me, you know.
  • I am constantly torn between “don’t need anyone in my life” and “hey, can you please fall in love with me?”
  • I am a superhero, and superheroes don’t need relationships!
  • Stranger danger!
  • I’m mentally dating a bunch of attractive fictional characters.
  • Have you not seen my husbando/waifu yet?
  • Just so you know, I choose fries over guys.
  • No, I’m dating an anime character.
  • Ummm … well, I’m dating a hot celebrity, and apparently, he/she doesn’t know that.
  • Even in darkness, my old friend doesn’t want to be friends with me anymore.
  • cries and holds eye contact
  • Why? How much are you going to pay me?
  • I have someone, but he’s from another nation. Yup, my imagination. 
  • Aww … oh no, wait a minute! I have no one.
  • Single? Me? Have you seen my 13 cats? Let me show them to you.
  • No, no, and no. I’m in a relationship with food!
  • No, my boyfriend/girlfriend is standing right here. Can you not see him/her?
  • The only relationship I can handle is one with my food.
  • I have a loving and healthy relationship with pizza.
  • If you want me to share my food, then I’m not sharing.

Witty Responses to “Are You Single?”

  • Let’s spell it out: S-I-N-G-L-E! No mysteries there.
  • Philosophically speaking, we’re all lone stars in the vast cosmic theater.
  • No, I’m not single. I’m in a complicated relationship with the government every day.
  • I’m taken… by the relentless march of time itself!
  • Ahhh, you should consult my future self for that revelation.
  • Single by person, but my intellect knows no bounds.
  • I once attempted to clone myself, but let’s just say I’m one of a kind.
  • Next question, please! I’ve got a date with destiny.
  • No, I’m in a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend/girlfriend who resides in the future.
  • My heart seeks quality, not quantity, in connections.
  • I don’t fear commitment; I fear squandering precious time.
  • Doubling up? That’s an interesting proposition.
  • Well, I could use a sidekick right about now. Care to enlist?
  • Even if it were raining men, I’d still dance to my own tune.
  • Apologies, I’m not currently accepting applications.
  • Join the dark side? Tempting, but I’m staying in the shadows for now.
  • I’m about as noticed as a white crayon in a coloring book.
  • “Single” is more than a status; it symbolizes strength and independence.
  • No, I’m a dynamic duo all on my own.
  • Nope, “single” is my distant cousin.
  • Huh? Can’t you see my imaginary boyfriend/girlfriend right here with me?
  • Let’s just say I’m not a fan of couples holding hands.
  • Yes, indeed. Finding someone as brilliant as me is no easy task. The struggle is real.
  • Sorry, I’d rather keep my upcoming project under wraps. Talk to my publicist.
  • I’ve committed myself to the solitary path; it’s a lifelong journey.
  • Shhh! I’m busy building my empire as we speak.
  • I’m too hot to handle, baby. The heat is on!
  • Absolutely! I don’t recall ever cloning myself, do you?
  • If you count my loyal pet dog, then no, I’m not alone in this world.

Surprising Responses to “Are You Single?”

  • I’m in a committed relationship—with my cat.
  • Currently taking applications, know anyone?
  • I’m married to my work, but we’re in an open relationship.
  • Only on days that end in ‘Y.’
  • I’m too busy adulting to date.
  • I’m single and ready to mingle with pizza.
  • My heart belongs to Netflix.
  • I’m married to adventure.
  • Single, but my dog thinks I’m amazing.
  • My one true love is chocolate.
  • I’m a solo artist in the game of love.
  • I’m in a long-term relationship with my bed.
  • I’m single, and my plants are my soulmates.
  • Relationship status: Facebook official with my cat.
  • I’m a free spirit with a strong Wi-Fi connection.
  • I’m married to the idea of spontaneous road trips.
  • Single and loving every minute of it.
  • I’m in a lifelong commitment with sarcasm.
  • I’m currently taken by wanderlust.
  • My heart’s on a solo adventure.

Sarcastic responses to the question “Are you single?”

  • Single? Nah, I’m actually in a committed relationship with my Netflix account.
  • Single as a dollar bill! Though I’d settle for a few twenties.
  • Single, and my cat is my only witness to my fabulous solitude.
  • Oh, I’m married to my work, and it’s a rocky relationship.
  • Single? More like professionally unattached, thank you very much.
  • I’m so single, even my shadow doesn’t follow me around anymore.
  • Single and ready to mingle… with my microwave dinner.
  • Relationship status? I’m on a first-name basis with the pizza delivery guy.
  • Single, but my fridge is fully committed to nourishing me.
  • I’m as single as a Pringle in a can full of Pringles.

Some clever answers to “Are You Single?”

  • Flipping the Script: Turning ‘Are U Single?’ Into an Opportunity
  • Sundae Kind of Love: Prioritizing Ice Cream over Romance
  • Self-Love and the Art of Monogamy: My Serious Relationship with Me
  • The Perfect Question for the Perfect Match: Why I’m Waiting
  • Invisible Relationships: My ‘Single’ Status by Default
  • Temporary Singlehood: Countdown to My Next Chapter
  • Single & Savvy: Unearthing Discounts in the World of Solo Living
  • Green-Eyed Singles: Embracing Jealousy-Worthy Freedom
  • Happiness First, Mysteries Later: The Guessing Game of My Status
  • Navigating Life’s Questions: Finding Purpose Beyond the ‘Are U Single?’ Moment
  • Elevating the Game: My High Standards in a World of Settlers
  • Single and Unapologetic: Embracing Me, Myself, and I
  • I’m not single; I’m independently owned and operated.
  • I’m not single; I’m just romantically challenged.
  • I’m in a long-term relationship with freedom.
  • I’m not single; I’m in a committed relationship with self-discovery.
  • Single? More like a solo adventurer in the game of love.
  • I’m single by choice, and my choice is to focus on myself.
  • I’m not single; I’m just in a secret relationship with my dreams.
  • Relationship status? I’m currently on a ‘see food’ diet.
  • Single and mingling with life’s endless possibilities.
  • I’m not single; I’m in a passionate affair with my goals.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. What to say if someone asks if you’re single?

You can respond with a simple “Yes, I am” or “No, I’m not.”

2. How do you answer the question why are you single?

You can answer this by saying something like, “I haven’t found the right person yet” or “I’m focusing on myself and my goals right now.”

3. How to ask someone are you single?

You can ask, “Are you in a relationship?” or “Are you currently dating someone?”

4. Are you single in meaning?

The question “Are you single?” typically means asking whether someone is not currently in a romantic relationship or dating anyone. 

5. How do I say I’m single?

You can simply say, “I’m single,” to convey that you are not currently in a romantic relationship.


It can be challenging to navigate the question “Are U single?” because it can imply different things to different people, depending on the situation and the person asking. This collection of astute, witty, humorous, and unexpected answers gives you a toolkit to respond to the question gracefully, amusingly, or charmingly, depending on your disposition and the circumstance.

You have the flexibility to respond in a way that fits your personality and boundaries because your relationship status is a personal concern. Being honest with yourself and your emotions is crucial whether you decide to flirt, tell a joke, respond with a clever retort, or surprise the person who asked the question.

The query “Are U single?” is really merely a conversation opener. If you choose to do so, seize the chance to show your uniqueness, have fun, or have a meaningful conversation regarding your relationship status. You may make this frequently asked question into a treasured and delightful time in your contacts with others by releasing your charm and ingenuity.

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