In the realm of human interactions, misunderstandings and conflicts are inevitable.

Occasionally, someone might unjustly label you as untruthful or accuse you of lying. In such moments, responding with wit and diplomacy can not only defuse the situation but also leave a lasting impression. 

In this comprehensive guide, we present 59 witty comebacks that you can employ when someone calls you a liar. These clever retorts will not only help you protect your integrity but also add a touch of humor to your interactions. Are you ready? Let’s start!

59 Witty Comebacks When Someone Calls You A “Liar”

What to say when someone calls you a liar“?

When someone is continuously calling you a liar but in reality you aren’t.So you should until you get a chance to prove yourself or respond to him/her. 

So just wait and stay calm, and when you get a chance to talk then it’s your turn now so use these following witty responses and make them pay attention to you. It’s time to start NOW!

1. I must be a great actor

Humor might be your greatest ally when you are accused of lying. By saying, “I must be a great actor,” you can lighten the situation and make the accuser pause by implying that their perspective is incorrect.

2. I prefer creative storytelling

This clever retort recognizes the charge with humor while highlighting the fact that your narrative abilities are more suited for originality than dishonesty.

3. My truth doesn’t always match everyone else’s

This retort emphasizes the arbitrary nature of truth and serves as a gentle reminder that everyone views the world through a different prism

4. I’m flattered you think I’m that interesting

By implying that the accuser finds you fascinating because of your honesty, you can turn the charge into a compliment.

5. Let’s agree to disagree

This response, which favors diplomacy above conflict, promotes a peaceful settlement by recognizing opposing viewpoints.

6. I’d say ‘trust me,’ but that’s what a liar would do

This response eases the tension by jokingly recognizing the absurdity of the circumstance, injecting a touch of self-deprecation.

7. I’ll take that as a compliment

Consider a charge of dishonesty as a compliment to your acting prowess or poker face.

8. Believe what you want; I know the truth

Reaffirm your faith in your integrity without being involved in a pointless debate.

9.  I’m allergic to dishonesty

This clever answer emphasizes your dedication to honesty by jokingly implying that lying causes bodily anguish.

10. Why would I lie? The truth is much more interesting

By implying that the truth is more intriguing than any made-up fiction, you can pique people’s attention.

11. You caught me; I’m actually a secret agent

Pretend to be a covert agent to lend a humorous spin to the dialogue and embrace the accusation.

12. Let’s consult the lie detector

Humorously offer that the situation be resolved by taking a lie detector exam to emphasize your confidence in your honesty.

13. My truth is like a rare gem – not everyone can see it

Make use of metaphor to illustrate the point that your truth is important and possibly not instantly obvious to everyone.

14. If I were lying, I’d come up with a better story

Indicate that your storytelling abilities would be far more amazing if you were lying.

15. Honesty is my superpower

Accept your dedication to honesty as a strength rather than a flaw.

16. If I were lying, I’d have a more convincing alibi

Make light of your current excuse by joking that it isn’t the best one for a liar.

17. I’ll tell you the truth if you promise not to be too impressed

Pose a lighthearted challenge to the accuser, asking them to confront the surprising truth with poise.

18. I’m saving my lies for April Fools’ Day

Redirect the charge by saying that any deception is only permitted on the yearly day of practical jokes.

19. I plead the fifth

Add a touch of legal wit to the dialogue by jokingly invoking the Fifth Amendment to reject the accusation.

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40 Additional Responses for What to say when someone calls you a “liar”?

  • Well, my pants aren’t on fire, so I must be telling the truth.
  • I must be a great actor then, because I don’t even remember auditioning for a role as a liar.
  • Oh, you caught me. I’m actually a secret agent, and lying is part of the job description.
  • If I were a liar, I’d have a much more exciting life story, trust me.
  • I prefer the term ‘creative storyteller.’
  • I must have a PhD in deception then, because I fooled you, didn’t I?
  • I’m just practicing my fiction skills in real life, you know, for my future bestselling novel.
  • Liar? No, I’m just fluent in alternative facts.
  • You’ve got it all wrong. I’m not a liar; I’m a truth-bender.
  • Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction, and people mistake it for a lie.
  • Well, I may have a black belt in honesty, but I’m also a white belt in sarcasm.
  • I don’t lie; I just provide alternative truths for entertainment purposes.
  • Who needs honesty when you can have a little mystery in your life?
  • Lying is so last season. I’m into radical truth-telling now.
  • I’m not lying; I’m just gifted in the art of surprise storytelling.
  • I must have left my halo at home today, but I promise I’m not lying.
  • I call it ‘truth enhancement’ for dramatic effect.
  • I’m like Pinocchio, but instead of a growing nose, I have an expanding imagination.
  • You know, some people pay good money for the kind of creativity I offer for free.
  • I don’t lie; I engage in ‘alternative honesty.’
  • I’m not a liar; I’m just a myth maker in the making.
  • I’m the exception that proves the rule of honesty.
  • They say honesty is the best policy, but who needs insurance?
  • Well, my pants may be on fire, but at least I’m staying warm.
  • If I were a liar, I’d be winning so many poker games right now.
  • I’m just ahead of my time, practicing for April Fools’ Day.
  • I’m not lying; I’m just temporarily misinformed.
  • You caught me red-handed – I’ve been secretly training as a fiction author.
  • I don’t lie; I simply engage in ‘strategic truth modification.’
  • I’m not a liar; I’m a magician who specializes in making the truth disappear.
  • Lying? That’s just my way of keeping life interesting.
  • I’m like a human polygraph – I can’t even lie about liking broccoli.
  • I’m not lying; I’m just a walking plot twist.
  • If honesty is the best policy, I must be the CEO of a different company.
  • I’m on a mission to keep you guessing – call it ‘truthful suspense.’
  • I’m not lying; I’m just flexing my creative storytelling muscles.
  • I must have a PhD in fibology by now.
  • Liar? Nah, I prefer ‘veracity-challenged wordsmith.’
  • I may be a liar, but at least I’m consistent about it.
  • Truth is overrated; I’m here to keep reality exciting.
  • I’m uncertain about the purpose behind labeling me as untruthful.
  • I acknowledge your frustration, but let’s avoid resorting to name-calling.
  • It appears that you might be grappling with doubts, not me.
  • I’d be open to discussing this later, but for now, let’s both take a moment to calm down.
  • I apologize if you perceive it that way.
  • Differing opinions shouldn’t automatically imply dishonesty on my part.
  • Could it be possible that you’re the one being deceptive?
  • Are you asserting my dishonesty or simply expressing disbelief?
  • What makes you consistently assume I’m being untruthful?
  • Our interpretations of the term ‘lie’ might be at odds.
  • Is it your habit to accuse people of lying when opinions clash?
  • That statement seems more like a personal perspective than an established fact.
  • If I were indeed dishonest, why would I bother denying it?
  • I can’t be held responsible if you find it challenging to accept the facts.
  • Your agitation appears to stem from the discomfort of facing the truth.
  • I may embody many qualities, but dishonesty isn’t one of them.


Being accused of dishonesty is commonplace in the intricate web of human interactions. 

But providing witty retorts can help you maintain your honor while also bringing charm and entertainment to the conversation. 

Use these 59 clever retorts as weapons in your communication toolbox, and keep in mind that the secret to a strong rebuttal is to maintain your sense of humor while remaining honest.

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