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C'est la vie
C’est la vie Meaning and Translation [Ultimate Reading]

“That’s life” is equivalent to “C est la vie” in French. It’s a way of discussing how unexpected things might happen in life and how sometimes we just have to accept things as they are. People from all walks of life use this phrase to describe the highs and lows of life.

  • English:  “That’s life” or “Such is life”.
  • Spanish: “Así es la vida”
  • German: “So ist das Leben”
  • Hindi: “यही जीवन है” (Yahī jīvan hai)
  • Arabic: “هكذا هي الحياة” (Hakatha hiya alhayat)
  • Portuguese: “É a vida”
  • Russian: “Такова жизнь” (Takova zhizn’)
  • Bengali: “এইটা জীবন” (E’ita jibon)
  • French: “C’est la vie” (the original phrase)
  • Urdu: “یہ ہے زندگی” (Yeh hai zindagi)
  • Indonesian: “Itulah hidup”
  • Italian: “Così è la vita”
  • Dutch: “Zo is het leven”
  • Turkish: “İşte hayat”

C est la vie Meaning

  • This is life; that’s how things happen. [Cambridge Dictionary]
  • That’s life; such is life; that’s how things are. [Oxford English Dic.]
  • That’s life; such is life; such is fate. [Merriam-Webster]
  • That’s life; that’s the way things happen. [Collins English Dictionary]
  • Such is life; that’s how things go; that’s the way life is. [Word Reference]
  • Acceptance of fate
  • Dealing with setbacks and challenges

C est la vie Définition

The French expression “C est la vie” means “That’s life” or “Such is life” in English. It’s an expression for accepting life’s ups and downs and expressing resignation or acceptance. It basically says that one should accept things as they are, good or bad, and acknowledges the inescapable uncertainties and difficulties of life. This phrase is frequently used to convey a philosophical viewpoint regarding the unpredictability of life’s occurrences.

C est la vie Origin 

The French expression “C est la vie” means “That’s life” in English. Its origins are deeply ingrained in the French language, which has been used for centuries to express acceptance of life’s highs and lows. “C est la vie” is a commonly used saying that has spread throughout many languages over time, signifying tenacity, resignation, and the understanding that life is unpredictable.

Is C est La Vie Positive or Negative?

The phrase “c est la vie” means “that’s life” in English, and it has no intrinsic good or bad connotations. However, depending on the speaker’s tone and the circumstances being described, its meaning in a particular context may tilt toward optimism, acceptance, or resignation.

  • Example in a Positive Context: “Well, c est la vie,” you say after not getting the job you desired. I’ll locate another chance.”
  • Example in Neutral Context: You’re sitting in traffic and you give a sigh of resignation, saying, “C est la vie,” without expressing any strong feelings.
  • Example in Negative Context: You’ve had a string of bad things happen to you, and you accept the difficulties in life by saying, “C est la vie,” in a dejected manner.

C est la vie Pronunciation

The pronunciation of “C est la vie” in French is:


Here’s a breakdown:

  • C’est: Pronounced like “say,” rhyming with “day.”
  • la: Pronounced like “lah,” similar to the English word “la.”
  • vie: Pronounced like “vee,” rhyming with “tree.”

When spoken fluidly, it sounds like “say lah vee.”

C est la vie: 5 Best Quotes

  • “C est la vie, say the old folks, it goes to show you never can tell.” – Chuck Berry
  • “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. C est la vie.” – John Lennon
  • “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on. C est la vie.” – Robert Frost
  • “C est la vie. That’s just the way it goes.” – Billy Joel
  • “To say ‘C est la vie’ is to say ‘That’s life,’ and life, as they say, is both a beauty and a beast.” – Kelly Clark.


1. What does c est la vie mean in slang?

This slang is an expression acknowledging life’s uncertainties or disappointments, often used to convey a laid-back attitude toward challenges.

2. What does C est la vie mean in English?

It translates to “That’s life” in English, expressing acceptance of life’s inevitable ups and downs.

3. Who wrote C’est la vie Cheb Khaled?

By Cheb Khaled was written by Khaled Hadj Ibrahim, also known as Cheb Khaled himself.

4. What country is C’est la vie?

It is a song by Algerian artist Cheb Khaled. Algeria is the country associated with the song.


In conclusion, it conveys a deep sense of acceptance and resiliency about life. Its global adoption, rooted in French culture, represents a common understanding of life’s uncertainties. This proverb, which can be found throughout literature, art, and common speech, is a timeless reminder to meet life’s journey with grace.

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