Best Excuses To Ask For Money

Key Points:

  • The list spans from serious financial crises to lighthearted situations, offering a diverse array of excuses.
  • Asking for money requires sincerity, openness, and, occasionally, a touch of humor, emphasizing the importance of trust in financial conversations.
  • Stressing the importance of responsibility in financial communication, the conclusion advocates for honesty, urging individuals to avoid deceit and manipulation.
  • Beyond just acquiring funds, the essence of asking for money lies in building trust and understanding between individuals, highlighting the significance of empathy and respect in these conversations.


There are times in life when unforeseen financial difficulties develop, and it can be difficult to find the appropriate words to request financial aid. There are many good excuses to ask for money, including paying off overdue legal bills, unexpected travel costs, and the requirement to establish an emergency fund.

To assist you get through difficult situations, this article will explores 110 best reasons, ranging from serious to amusing. While certain factors, like a job loss or an unplanned hospital stay, bear a heavy burden, others, like a broken Jet Spray or a mouse nibbling on your underpants, add a humorous element. 

Whatever the motivation, asking for money needs tact, empathy, and frequently a dash of humor. It’s crucial to keep in mind that financial conversations should be addressed with sincerity and candor as we look at various circumstances. It’s important to establish trust and understanding with the people you’re trying to reach out to, not just to utilize the excuses to ask for money. So are you ready to start this learning journey further, let’s start!

Best Excuses To Ask For Money
110 Best Excuses To Ask For Money

Good Excuses To Ask For Money: Top 17 Reasons you should know

Unpaid Legal Fees and Income Tax Obligations

You are aware of how complicated legal issues can make life. Recently, I was in a predicament where I had some unforeseen legal bills to pay for, and it’s been challenging. I was hoping you could give me a little assistance. Even while talking about it isn’t really enjoyable, every bit helps.

Unexpected travel Expenses

Ever have to leave right away on a trip? Well, I experienced exactly that. I unexpectedly had to pack my luggage and leave due to an emergency. I didn’t anticipate the travel fees, and now I’m scrambling to pay them. Is there any chance you could help?

Purchase of Essential Items (e.g., old man stick)

Although it may sound strange, there are times in life when you have unanticipated demands. Recently, I found myself in the position of needing to buy some necessities, such as a walking stick for an elderly family member. My finances are being strained because I hadn’t budgeted for it. Could you please give me some advice on this one?

Rent pay period

You’re aware of how bills and rent always seem to come due at the wrong time. Due to some unforeseen expenses this month, I’m a little short on rent when it’s due. I’m sorry to ask, but is there any way you might help me out this month so that I can have a roof over my head?

Capitalizing on Low Interest Rates: A Smart Financial Move

Sometimes, opportunities come to you when you least expect them. There is a chance to gain from low interest rates by making a financial decision that could be very advantageous to me in the long run. To maximize it, though, I’m a little short right now. I was wondering if you could give me a hand so I can take advantage of this chance.

Building an emergency funds

You are aware of the value of having an emergency fund, correct? I’m currently constructing one, however I’m falling a little short of my objective. It’s important to have a safety net, therefore I was hoping you might be able to help me get there by making a small donation.

Your business is struggling

There are ups and downs to running a business, and right now I’m experiencing a little bit of a slump. I firmly believe in what I’m doing, and I’m making a lot of effort to make things better. I could use some assistance, though, to keep things afloat in the meanwhile. Would you be able to support me during this difficult time?

You have lost your wallet

Ever misplace a wallet? An absolute nightmare! Unfortunately, it recently happened to me, and in addition to the trouble of replacing everything, it also had a financial toll on me. Although I’m in the process of recovering, a little assistance to pay for urgent expenditures would be very appreciated.

You need money to gift someone

You’re aware that unique events occur, and you want to give your loved ones something to remember them by. Well, I’d really like to surprise someone special in my life with a thoughtful present. But I’m a little strapped on cash. Would you mind helping me brighten someone’s day?

You have become unexpectedly pregnant

Doesn’t life have a way of surprising us? I recently learned some unanticipated news: I’m going to have kids! Even if it’s very exhilarating, it also has its share of unforeseen costs. I’m asking for help from friends and family during this happy, albeit financially difficult, time.

Repay a Neighbor

Have you ever taken out a loan for a cup of sugar and somehow ended up paying more? I currently find myself in that circumstance. In a pinch, I borrowed some money from a neighbor, and I’m determined to repay her. But I’m in a tight spot right now financially. Could you maybe assist me in paying off this debt?

Due to Temporary Job Loss

My job recently ended due to a sudden turn in my life. It’s been a little shocking, and I’m looking for a new opportunity right now. But for the time being, it’s been difficult to pay for necessities. I’m sorry to ask, but I could really use some assistance through this adjustment.

Needed cash to move in a new house

Moving often comes with a small financial burden, right? I recently discovered a new home, and I’m eager to move there, but the expense of moving is swiftly rising. To lessen the financial strain, I’m contacting pals. Could you assist me start this new chapter by making a small donation?

Money needed to pay off a credit card

My credit card debt is now being paid off, but it can be a steep slope. It’s been a little difficult, and I need some assistance to get back on track. I firmly believe in fiscal responsibility, and I’m determined to pay off this debt. Could you please help me?

For unexpected hospitalization 

Health problems sometimes appear out of nowhere, don’t they? I just had an unplanned hospital stay, which is unfortunate because my medical expenditures are mounting. My funds are being severely strained as a result, therefore I’m turning to friends for assistance during this trying time. It would be greatly appreciated if you could offer any assistance.

You needed money for your wedding

Although marriage is a wonderful thing, it can also be very expensive. Although I’m thrilled about my recent engagement, the costs of the wedding are mounting swiftly. I’m hoping friends and family will contribute in some small way to help make this day special and unforgettable. Would you think about making a donation to this happy event?

You Needed money to Repair something

Have you ever had an unplanned breakdown? My home just experienced a significant appliance failure, and the expense of repairs is higher than I had anticipated. I’m a little stuck right now, and I’m asking my buddies for help. I would appreciate any assistance you may provide in getting things back to no

15 Good Excuses to Ask for money (As a Student)

For a Friend’s farewell

Hello! We’re throwing a farewell party for Sarah as she embarks on a new job. To make it special, we’re collecting contributions for costs. Can you chip in? Your support means a lot to give her a memorable send-off. Thanks!

Canteen Food

Hey, I hope your day is going well! I’ve been buried by work and courses recently, so I’ve been eating a lot of food from the canteen. The problem is that it keeps mounting up, and this month my budget is already tight. I was hoping you may give me a small loan to help me pay for my food bills for the upcoming two weeks. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated, and I vow to repay you as soon as I can.

Friend is not well

I hope I’m not interrupting you at the wrong time. You are aware of how much I value our friend Jake. Unfortunately, he is facing medical bills, and I’m raising funds to help him out. Any contribution, no matter how small, would mean a lot. Can you pitch in? Thanks for considering!

Needed for School Project

Hey! I hope all is okay with you. I’m currently working on a school assignment that calls for a certain set of supplies and resources. Unfortunately, I didn’t plan on the expenses rising as quickly as they have. I really want to make this project great, therefore I was wondering if you could support me by making a little donation to help with some of the costs. Your assistance would be advantageous to me as well as the project’s success. Please let me know if you can help; I’ll be eternally grateful.

Here is additional 10 ways you can ask for money being a student

  • Textbook Expenses
  • Transportation Costs
  • Technology Upgrade
  • Conference or Workshop Registration
  • Internship Expenses
  • Professional Attire
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Language Course Fees
  • Health Insurance
  • Graduation Expenses

15 Good Excuses to Ask for money (From Parents)

Need to buy sneakers for my birthday

Hey, parents! I hope all is okay with you both. When I considered my upcoming birthday, I remembered that I’ve had my eye on these sneakers for a while. If you could contribute in any way to getting them for my birthday, it would mean the world to me. It will be the best pair I’ve ever had, I guarantee it!

Visiting Grandparents

Hello, parents! I hope both of you are doing well. It would be lovely to surprise Grandma and Grandpa because I’ve been missing them a lot lately. The trip expenses, though, are a little out of my current range. Would you be able to help me out financially so that I can go on this particular trip?

My phone got damage

Hi father, parents! I hope your day is going well. Unfortunately, my phone fell and is now not in the best condition. I need to replace it because I rely on it so heavily, notably for my studies. Could you lend me some money so I can get a new phone? I’ll be sure to exercise more caution!

Needed money for subscribing a course

Hello, parents! I found this fantastic online course that perfectly complements my academic interests and professional objectives. The only drawback is that it has a monthly price that is slightly higher than I had anticipated. I firmly feel it will improve my abilities, so I was wondering if you could assist me in getting the money I need to sign up for this course.

New school accessories

Hey, Mom, Dad! I hope all is okay with you both. I’ve come to the conclusion that several of my school supplies, like my backpack and notebooks, need to be upgraded now that the new semester has begun. It’s necessary to focus and keep organized. Could you lend me some money so I can get the required school supplies for the forthcoming term? I greatly appreciate your support.

Here is additional 10 ways you can ask for money from your parents

  • Unexpected medical expenses.
  • Car repairs or breakdown.
  • Essential home repairs.
  • Educational expenses.
  • Emergency travel costs.
  • Temporary job loss.
  • Unforeseen bills or debt.
  • Necessary technology or equipment.
  • Critical home appliance replacement.
  • Urgent personal crisis.

18 Funny Excuses to Ask for money

  • My Jet spray is not working
  • Rate ate my underwear
  • I will give double money in 2 weeks
  • I’m not saying I’m broke, but I’m considering opening a 401(k) for my piggy bank.
  • My wallet and I are on a break, and it’s not looking like we’re getting back together anytime soon.
  • I need money because my plant has an expensive taste – it demands gourmet fertilizer.
  • My bank account is like a black hole – money goes in, but I have yet to see it again.
  • I need funds for a GPS – apparently, adulting didn’t come with a roadmap.
  • My bank called. Apparently, laughing at my account balance isn’t considered a deposit.
  • I’m saving up to buy a ladder because I heard money grows on trees – just not at my eye level.
  • My piggy bank filed for bankruptcy, and I’m here to request a bailout.
  • My wallet is on strike until better working conditions (more cash) are provided.
  • I need money because my bed and I have been together for years, and it deserves an upgrade.
  • I’ve reached the point where my coffee budget is higher than my savings account.
  • I need funds to hire a personal chef because my cooking skills are a danger to both me and my wallet.
  • My bank balance is like a high score – unfortunately, it’s in the negative.
  • I’m petitioning for a refund on adulthood; it turns out it’s not as advertised.
  • My credit score is so low it’s doing the limbo. I need a financial boost to get it back on its feet.

15 Excuses to Ask for money from boyfriend

  • My love, my wallet is on vacation, but my heart is still with you – can you lend a hand to bring them back together?
  • Babe, my piggy bank wants to go on a spa day, and it’s counting on your contribution for the VIP treatment.
  • Darling, my shoe collection is missing its better half – your generosity could help them find the perfect match.
  • Sweetheart, they say money can’t buy happiness, but I think a shopping spree might be a good start.
  • Hey love, just wanted to let you know my laptop and I are in a complicated relationship – a little financial therapy could save the day.
  • Honey, I need your help to turn my kitchen disaster into a gourmet masterpiece – can you sprinkle some cash on this culinary challenge?
  • Babe, my wardrobe is having a midlife crisis, and it desperately needs a makeover – are you up for some retail therapy?
  • Love, my phone is feeling neglected, and it heard that a little financial attention can fix everything – care to prove it right?
  • Sweetie, my pet rock has extravagant taste, and it’s eyeing a diamond collar – can you be its fairy godparent?
  • My love, I was doing math homework, and it led me to the conclusion that your financial assistance equals a happy girlfriend
  • I will pay the money back with interest.
  • A close friend or member of the family is in need of money
  • If my bills are not paid they will increase
  • I’m on a deadline for something crucial 
  • I needed money to fund my studies further
  • I needed to go to a job interview
  • I needed money for a woman’s things

15 tips How to increase chances of Hearing “YES”

  • Ask the right person always
  • Have a good and sound reason
  • Be realistic in situation 
  • Have a payment plan in mind
  • Make your request a symphony of justifications rather than a solo.
  • Draw an image that includes opportunities as well as issues.
  • Add a grin to your request; joy spreads quickly.
  • Speak in terms of benefits rather than just needs.
  • Make your appeal more of a dance than a strenuous march.
  • Create a story that appeals to the emotions rather than the wallet.
  • Become a magician and make the value appear with your request.
  • Avoid monologues and speak in melodies; maintain harmony.
  • Be a spark, not a sledgehammer, in your request.
  • Be charming in your request, not desperate.
  • Instead of just one stem, provide a bouquet of justifications.

15 Reasons Why you should not lend money

  • Asking money for buying drugs 
  • Asking money for gambling
  • When someone always begging money
  • Lending money is like allowing a bear into your living room: at first, everything seems OK, but eventually things get messy.
  • Money lending is a complex dance that not everyone can perform.
  • Don’t allow the drama of friendship’s narrative twist—lending money—evolve into a tragedy.
  • Today’s financial favor could result in tomorrow’s emotional debt.
  • Keep in mind that even banks run extensive credit checks; should we exercise any less caution?
  • Like poker, lending money occasionally doesn’t pay off due to the risk involved.
  • Friends might become auditors when given money, so keep your ledger in order.
  • Although a lending tree may appear to be productive, its branches are prone to breaking without warning.
  • Although money may speak, it doesn’t necessarily do so in a pleasant way.
  • Giving your wallet a GPS tracker is similar to lending money; the wallet might not return.
  • Making a friendship into a business transaction devalues it since friendships are valuable.
  • Lending money can be regrettable later on, like a terrible Tinder date.


1. Is it better to borrow from a friend or a bank?

Choosing between borrowing from a bank or a friend depends on factors like formality, terms, and impact on relationships. Bank loans offer structure but involve paperwork. Borrowing from a friend can be casual but needs careful handling to avoid straining relationships. Consider the amount and terms before deciding.

2. Is borrowing money a bad thing?

The act of borrowing money is neither inherently good or evil; it all relies on what you’re using it for and how properly you’re handling it. Borrowing for necessities like a home or education that you can afford to repay might be a sensible financial choice.

3. Is it okay to ask friends for money? 

If you have a true need and a plan for payback, it is often OK to ask friends for financial assistance. However, if they are unable or unwilling to assist, it is imperative to be respectful, truthful, and understanding. Be honest with one another and take your relationship’s impact into account.

4. Am I obliged to pay back if I borrow from my family?

Yes, most of the time, borrowing from family suggests a loose arrangement, although there is frequently a repayment expectation. Even though it might not be required by law, not paying back can damage relationships and trust. It is recommended to discuss terms in advance and to sincerely try to adhere to any agreed-upon repayment schedule. When family members engage in financial transactions, open communication is essential to preserving a positive connection.

5. What is a good excuses to for ask for money?

There are so many better excuses for asking money are given and discussed above in the article. Go through and find the best suitable response for you.


Excuses to ask for money occur for a variety of reasons in the intricate web of human interactions. We looked at a variety of justifications, from serious to humorous, and it became clear that there are different ways to ask for financial assistance. Communication is the key, whether it’s outlining why money is needed for necessities, highlighting the urgency of unforeseen circumstances, or even adding a little comedy to lighten the mood. 

However, it’s equally crucial to approach these discussions with maturity. The odds of receiving a favorable response can be greatly increased by having a genuine need combined with a well-thought-out plan and never asking for money in a way that is dishonest or manipulative. It’s not only about getting the money; it’s also about building relationships based on mutual respect and trust. Honesty continues to be the cornerstone of financial transactions, allowing both sides to the conversation to negotiate these delicate situations with understanding and respect.

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